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‘Welcome to DANA MYRO’



Welcome to DANA MYRO where we create handcrafted Natural Artisan Soap, handmade Glycerin Soap and selling high quality Natural Sponges.

Our Natural Artisan Soap include Virgin Greek Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Essentials Oils. The Essential Oils in our Natural Artican Soaps enter the blood stream through the pores in the skin to help the body to relax, enhance energy, dispel negative thinking, depression, bad moods and provide a powerful, stimulating and uplifting stimulus to the brain. Natural Soaps promote good health, emotional well-being and enhance every aspect of your life and are Nature's gift to Mind, Body and Soul. 

The Natural Sponges, they are not only unbelievable beautiful, It is the only product known that will not damage your skin. The sponge stimulates on a postive way the breathing and facilitating of the bloodstimulation.

Enjoy our shop and have fun!